Freqently Asked Questions

Is it really FREE?

Yes! And there will be lots of free goodies, at least monthly, these comprise eBooks, Courses, Videos, fun ‘test your knowledge quizzes etc.

Are All eBooks FREE?

Our monthly ones are FREE and will be available on Amazon for around £9.99 depending on the volume and contents, but they will be offered you you totally FREE OF CHARGE.

Are ALL courses FREE?

Again, our monthly offers will be offered to you totally free of charge. The only ‘catch’ is that if you want to self-assess and have a certificate or diploma, then we ask for a small admin fee of £5.50 but you don’t have to have a certificate, the course is just the same, certificate/ diploma or not.

Why do some courses have certificates and some have diplomas?

It just depends on the length and level of the course.  Diploma courses are much longer and more challenging.

Do the Free quizzes have £5.50 certificate options?

No they are for fun and simply designed for you to test your own knowledge

So, each month I would get free ebooks, free videos, free courses (but with an option to get a certificate or diploma for £5.50), free quizzes all in one month?

No, you will get one or two, sometimes three items but they are free.

How do we get these freebies?

You simply need to subscribe and the magic of email will do the rest!

What do you do with our email addresses?

Absolutely nothing, they are in our mailing list, they are passed on in any way to anybody and we value your privacy, we will never spam you.

Can I opt out or unsubscribe?

Yes, you don’t even need to send an email, just click the ‘unsubscribe’ link.

How long do the freebies last for?

As soon as a fresh new like for like offer comes out, we remove the previous and put in in our store are a heavily discounted rate. If you download it, then you keep it.